The Day Noah Heard From God

Noah came charging through the field. His mind was racing faster than his feet could carry him. His clothes whipped in the wind which was blowing across his body from the west as he ran south toward home.

God had spoken to him! He couldn’t wrap his mind around the experience. God had actually spoken.

Noah had just left town when it happened.


He hated going into town.

People there were so vile. When he would brush against the crowds to gather supplies for home he felt dirty. It’s not that he felt better than them. Their actions were just blatantly sinful. They flaunted their vices as if they were a prize of which to be proud.

It was both heartbreaking and disgusting.

“Are you certain we need┬áthe cart fixed?” Noah had asked his wife, even though he knew the answer. The front wheel had busted off in a rut which had been hidden in the knee-high grass close to home. The cart really did need to be fixed, but he loathed going into town.

He hated sending any of his family into town even more than he hated going himself. So he had made the trek, praying to himself as he walked.

“Please don’t let me witness any murders today, particularly my own. Help them to change. Let them see the error of their ways.”

Noah had once witnessed a group of men beating another. When he questioned the crowd the only answer he received was something along the lines of, “Who cares! You can’t pay enough money for this kind of entertainment.” The man being beaten looked up with one last pleading glance before his body went limp.

It all made him sick to remember. It made his heart heavy to know these people had strayed so far from the Creator that they no longer saw any wrong in their actions.

When he would question people in town about the rampant violence, adultery, and crime he would be met with answers like, “I don’t care what someone does. Everyone is free to do as they wish,” or, “Hey, as long as it doesn’t hurt me or my business people can do as they please.”

Noah slowly made his way through the crowd, trying to keep his eyes on the ground, only looking up to purchase the items he needed. Then he had begun to make his way home.

Noah had not gotten far out of town before he had a strange sensation about him. It felt as though someone were watching him from afar. When he turned, no one was there.


No answer came. He walked a little further but could not shake the feeling. The hair on the back of his neck began to stand and he felt a prickling sensation down his arms. It was at that moment the afternoon light began to shine brighter. It made everything impossible to see.

Then he heard a reply. The voice boomed, although he could not tell if it was actually out loud or speaking directly into his mind. It was a dominant sounding voice, but there was never a moment it did not sound kind. At the sound, Noah’s heart leapt within his chest.

It was God, the Creator. He spoke to Noah and told him how dispeleased He was with the condition of the world. It seemed the disgust Noah felt over the blatant sinning was a reflection of how God Himself felt. He said He would send a flood to destroy the world but Noah was to build a boat and he and his family would be safe.

Noah was overcome with emotions. He still could not believe God had chosen to speak to him. There were tears in the old man’s eyes and a smile across his face.

He was not sure what the words, “rain” or “flood” meant but he believed God would reveal them in time.

For now, he had a mission. He needed to rush home to tell his wife and children about this amazing encounter! They needed to begin following the call of God at once.

They had lived their lives following the way of life he had revealed to their anscestors on how to live. Now He had revealed an even more specific plan.

What excitement. What a priveledge. Noah always knew that following God’s plans were the right way. He knew he would be rewarded. He had felt the blessing of God a few times in his 500 years on the earth.

This however was the greatest he had felt. He finally knew, with no doubt God was with him and his family. It had been difficult but worth it.

Only 500 years to hear God speak. Tears were flowing steadily as Noah ran.

He ran all the way home, and rushed up to his wife.

It was not until that moment he realized he had dropped his supplies. Hopefully God’s message would help his wife overlook his blunder.

The elation in her face and the tight embrace Noah received from his wife let him know she had just as quickly forgotten about them.