Stop Settling for Lies

Every single day people share a whole slew of different things on the internet.

News Articles

Family Photos

Cat Videos (Do people still share those?)

An Annoying Amount of Person Blog Posts (I’m not even sorry)

People used to have to travel to locations of trade or commerce in order to be at the center of idea exchanges. Port towns were areas where people from all over would come together to not just exchange goods but ideas as well.

Our social media accounts and connections make a great way to share content with each other without even having to get off our couches. It’s friendly and fun. I am able to find out about people from all around the world because of the shares I see.



There are some posts which bother me though. I’m not talking about the posts where people share about their super special and gifted pet.

I don’t even mean the click bait posts where I have the sudden need to find out what my favorite color says about me.

Not even those, although those posts are up there on the list.

The posts I’m discussing are the posts full of a blatant misrepresentation of the truth, a lie, if you will.

Real Life Example

The other day I saw a picture shared of an area recently hit by a hurricane. In the foreground of this picture we see President Trump, blazing that bright red hat and sassy smirk, wading through the water as he carries two helpless kittens to safely.

Aw, what a touching image.

Except it isn’t. The picture was photoshopped. There was a real man carrying kittens to safely recently, but it was not our president.

In a world where it is often difficult to convince anyone of any truth, posts like these just muddy the water. When we take part in spreading the lie it begins to chip away at our reliabilty.

I saw a post once daring the reader to share in support of “these brave men and women who have served our country.”

What a great idea! We should honor those who serve.

Except the image was still from a humorous movie which was set during a war!

It fills me with such anger to know there are people out there intentionally compiling pictures and articles to deliberately mislead others.

The truth should matter but we have fallen to the lie that it doesn’t. We’ve given in to the idea that whatever is true to me is true.

For instance on the fake image of the president carrying the kittens I pointed out that it was a fake. Instead of responding with, “Wow, I didn’t realize I was sharing a lie, I should probably remove this image,” the response was, “I figured it wasn’t also but good one though.”


A good one? The lie is good? Sharing a falsified picture is good?

No it isn’t. It is a lie. You are participating in spreading a lie.

You know what would be good? Sharing a picture of the President doing something he actually has done. Or even giving credit to the man who was actually carrying the kittens to safety.

Share an image of men and women in the armed forces who have actually served to share support of them.

Be an Advocate of Truth

Even when a lie is shared with good intentions, it is still a lie. We need to stop settling for the lies which are thrust in our direction.

Call them out. Take a stand for the truth. The truth does exist. It really is out there.

Participate in the truth. Investigate.

Many times all it takes is a simple Google search and you can find a reliable source.

Continueing the lie is lazy. Don’t be lazy.

Dont just share information or pictures because it gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling. Share to participate in the spreading of the truth.

Truth can be funny, emotional, and it can incite anger. Truth is a wonderful motivator and freeing to take part in.

Don’t cheapen your life or the lives of others by settling for anything less than the truth.