“Finish” the Book Review

I don’t really like starting new things. New is scary.

It’s unknown and uncertain. Taking steps to begin often fills me with anxiety. To be honest just switching the furniture around in the living room makes me feel anxious. But my wife does it anyway.

We all start new things.

I’ve start a workout routine, or diet plan. I have started new jobs. Most recently I started this blog.

Usually I do a pretty good job working on these new aspects of my life for a while. The excitement of working towards being in better shape or a more stable financial situation keep me motivated to push forward.

Then it happens. I mess up. I miss a day running and that day turns into two, then three and before I know what has happened I have not run in several months.

It happened with a blog I maintained a few years back. I began missing days and then I felt like some sort of fraud when I would begin again. I listened to the voice which kept creeping in telling me real bloggers don’t miss days.

So I decided to just quit. If I can’t do something perfectly then there’s no point in going on right?

Jon Acuff, writer and social media guru would disagree. In fact he disagrees so strongly he wrote a book about it.


Finish, the book.

Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done was written after Jon Acuff and a team did research to find out what kept people from reaching their goals. He dives into his discoveries and uses humor and facts to help his reader keep from falling to the traps which have hindered most people.

It was refreshing (and a bit sad) to read so many people have found themselves in the same boat as I have so many times. It is encouraging to know that I do not have to keep sailing away in that boat.

The reader learns perfectionism is the number one enemy of reaching goals we set for ourselves. Perfectionism creeps around spreading lies and uses sneaky tactics to keep us from pressing forward.

Missed a day of working out? Guess you aren’t cut out to be a runner.

Oh I see you have misspelled a word in this three page essay. A real writer never misspells anything.

Only 2 people have donated to your Patreon? What a failure. Bail ship (There are a lot of nautical references in these waters).

Ive tried reading business books before. Some have grabbed my attention, but the vast majority are hard to wade through. The way Jon mixes in humor makes this an incredibly easy read. It flows and feels like you are having a conversation with a friend.

I love being able to laugh along as I’m learning some incredible truths which will help me finish more of my goals.

I’m already putting the book into practice.

Already this summer I reached a goal of mine because of the help of Jon Acuff and the principles from Finish. I had a goal to write 34,000 words in 8 weeks. I reached and surpassed that goal. Had I not been implementing the things I was learning in this book I would have given up so many times (the first time being only 3 days into the challenge).

The word challenge turned into writing a whole book! I completed something I had only dreamed of doing before!

Of you have ever set a goal for yourself and found that you have come up short or quit, do yourself a favor and buy this book! I promise you it will help you reach more of your goals and help you deal with less regret from never trying to press forward.

This is the most helpful book I have read in quite a while (except for the Bible of course).

As they used to say on reading rainbow, “Don’t just take my word for it.”

Whats a goal you started but never finished? What kept you from the finish line?