For My Little Men



Where can I even begin?

Where do I even start?

Telling the tale of the four little men

Who have forever changed my heart?


From the first time I got to feel you kick

From in your mother’s womb

My love for you began

It took root, blossomed, and grew.


They say each child is different

As the years tick by, I find that’s true.

But there are plenty of similarities,

Like the first time I held each of you.


Your blue eyes melted the world away

I never wanted to put you down.

Well, I say blue eyes;

The youngest does have brown.


My little ones are no longer babies

Their boys on their way to being men

And that’s a scary thought

As I think back on where I’ve been.


“Dad, I’ll take over for you

When you’re old and grey.

I’ll do all the work you do

When you can’t do it someday.”


Words like these leave me a reminder,

These boys are watching me.

They want to be like their father.

And dear God, that is scary.


So I strive to be the kind of man

I hope my boys to be.

I want to be a great example

For their young, pure eyes to see.


Boys are allowed to love fiercely;

It’s alright to let that part of you shine.

Love is boisterous, wild, and an adventure;

But it is also tender and gentle when it’s time.


Be passionate for what is right.

Stand up, and don’t back down.

Be informed of your convictions,

Don’t change them because of someone’s frown.


Yet never, ever hesitate

To admit when you are wrong.

The pain you feel will be real

The freedom though, a beautiful song.


I’d be a fool to think

I could give all the advice my boys need

In a few simple rhyming stanzas

Posted online for others to see.


Each day I’m learning lessons,

About myself and ways I need to be better.

So when my boys ask, “what’s a man?”

I can give a complete answer.


These boys and their eight little hands,

Have a tight hold upon my heart.

And I pray each and every day,

For a renewed chance with each of them to start.


I hope as each one of them grows,

That I’ll be growing too.

So as they follow in my steps,

Their foot always fits in my shoe.