The Power of the Full Moon


As he arrived he stepped from his car and down the path to the front door of the dimly lit structure. He interlocked his fingers with nervous anticipation and shook out his shoulders to relieve the tension which was mounting.

He approached the old, wooden door. It was a sturdy looking door, one which had been chosen wisely to keep the things inside in, and the things outside out.

His right hand trembled as he reached for the knob. He quickly reached up with his left to steady his hand, trying to stop the trembling.

When he steadied one hand with the other he realized he could feel his heart beating throughout his entire body. The steady thump coursed through each limb. He could hear it too.

The story of the Tell Tale Heart played through his mind as he fought back the idea that he had done anything wrong.

This was not the first time he had arrived at this very door. It was a familiar sight to him, except one thing was different. Tonight, he arrived as the full moon rose into the starry night sky. It shone brightly against the newly fallen snow.

It would be beautiful, if his mind and heart were not reminding him of the power which came with the full moon.



Ghouls of every kind.

The stories of the terrors of the night ran through his head with the speed he wanted to run from the door.

It wasn’t from any of these beings he was fighting the urge to flee on this night.

He reached for the door and twisted the knob to the right. It felt cool in his hand, the brass almost sticking to his skin.

Then he was met with the cry:


He was rushed by numerous little creatures. The arms and legs which rushed him and tackled him to the ground were too numberous to count.

As the man went down he caught a glimpse of his wife standing one room away, helpless to do anything. Her hair was standing in many different directions; he was sure he saw many different colored objects lodged and tangled in her brown hair.

Her eyes were glazed over. The little minions had been around her ankles and climbing on her and over her all day. Her strength was zapped.

At least the last thing he would see in his life was something so beautiful.

He had received texts throughout the day calling out for help.

“Why won’t they just sleep.”

“They are constantly feeding. I’m not sure how much longer I can sustain them.”

“Please hurry home. The house is just about in shambles.”

She had called out to him so many times yet he had been just as helpless to help her as she was him in this moment. The full moon had changed the tiny humans into something beyond human.

Each moon cycle they develop super human strength, screeching abilities, speed, tantrum powers, and the paradoxical need to be cuddled and run around all at the same time.

Hours and hours later the man and his wife crashed on the couch. They had been turned into creatures of their own, resembling mindless zombies. They starred blankly at the wall, laughing into the silence.

They had survived.

Theirs was the victory.

The battle was won.

Suddenly, at the same time, they heard, “Give it back! That’s mine!” The scream was followed by crying and more screaming.

No. No, no, no, no, no.

The man and wife held each other and cried at the horrors they knew headed their way.

It was going to be a long night.

Abraham’s Impossible Request


My hands are trembling.

My heart is still racing.

I rushed home after the experience and I’ve been laying in my tent, sweating, and battling my labored breathing ever since.

I had the boldness to request of my Lord to change His plans and I have not recovered from the encounter.

He came to me.

I’ve heard the Lord speak before on a couple different occasions. He’s promised me great blessings through my descendants. Each time I’ve heard from Him I feel full of life.

Never do I leave feeling full of myself. If anything I feel full of Him. There’s definitely not anything special about this old man.

But now, my Lord came to my dwelling! He came with two others and allowed me the blessing to provide a meal for him. What an honor it was.

Then He told me of His plans to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Why He chooses to share anything with me I will never understand. I have never been able to wrap my mind around His desire to treat this white haired fool as a companion.

Where my mind is boggled though, my heart is warmed.

At least it usually is.

When he shared His plans this time my heart dropped into my stomach.

You see, my nephew left me a while back. We were having difficulties and I gave him his choice of land. He chose the better, just as I figured he would, and we separated. Since then he has gotten into some trouble which I have had to help him out of and then he decided to live in the most vile city on earth.

Which is why my heart sank when my Lord revealed He would destroy the place my precious nephew lives.

He may be a fool, but he is family.

It took all of my courage to speak up on that hillside. I asked the Lord if He found fifty righteous if He would spare the city.

As I remember the moment it was only a few seconds He took to reply. It was as if He anticipated my request.

Of course He did.

But while in that moment, those few seconds were like hours and I regretted even asking.

Then, He granted my request. I was filled with such joy!

The joy was short lived though when I realized there was no way even fifty righteous lived there. Without thinking I asked about forty five.

Again the Lord granted my request.

We volleyed like this a few times until I requested she spare the cities if there were only ten righteous.

It was a ridiculous request.


Why would He spare so many wicked for the sake of so few?

My whole body trembled and tears streamed from my eyes. There was a tightness in my chest as the words squeaked through my lips. What a fool I am. It was like I heard Lot telling his men, I am nothing but an arrogant fool.

The Lord though, smiled, with tears of His own streaming down His cheeks, and grated my request.

Then He was gone.

Now I lay here in disbelief praying for there to be ten. If there is any way my family survives this terror, I pray he appreciates it.

I hope he learns because I cannot continue to live my life being ripped apart on his account. It hurts too much.

Yet, I’ll do it every time.

May the Lord have mercy on him.

Thank the Lord for His mercy on me.