List of Thankfulness Part 4: Community

I’m one of those guys who thinks I can do things on my own. I’ve never been much for working in groups.

Mostly because I always seemed to get stuck in a group with others who didn’t want to work.

And I liked good grades.


I like to joke with my wife that I do not need people.

“Brandon, we are getting together with friends this weekend.”

“But why? We don’t need them. What’s wrong with sitting in a dark house in complete silence?”

“We are going out.”

Most conversations go something like that. I’m mostly joking in those situations but there’s some truth in the feelings.

You see, I’m introverted. It has taken most of my life to accept this fact. I tried fighting it for a long time but it just left me feeling exhausted.

Peopling can be difficult.

As an introvert it takes me a long time to build meaningful relationships with people. It is difficult to open up. Although I’m quite the listener. That may have something to do because I really do not feel like replying.

A lot of people have thought I’m just quiet. I’ve also come across as indifferent.

It’s not really either of those things. It’s simply having conversations is legitimately difficult. It’s a challenge everytime.

If you are not introverted I do not think you can relate. Just as I cannot relate to extroverts being fueled by large amounts of time spent with others.

All of that said to say this, community is a blessing. It is a belessing of which I am very thankful.

It takes a long time to get there, but I really do appreciate the people I consider friends and the journey of friendship.

I value the companionship of my wife and the ability to be completely myself with her.

My heart is full when I think of the friendships I have cultivated over the years. I value the people who have stuck with me over time and waded through the awkward stages of friendship with an introvert.

We were made for community. We need other people. Some of us need more people than others, but all of us need at least one person in our lives to help push us forward.

We desire companionship with others, a friend to lean on and go through life experiences with. It is a wonderful thing to find that companion.

So thank you to those I have been able to confide in. I don’t go around sharing parts of my life with anyone.

thank you to those who have come along side me and helped me feel comfortable enough to share.

I appreciate those relationships with people who take the time to slow down and listen to this slow speaking, awkward, mess of a man.

community is a beautiful and complicated thing.

It is a thing I cannot live without, no matter how much I joke about not needing others.