Take Time to be a Positive Influence in the Life of a Child.

“Every kid is one decision away from being a statistic.”


As a parent sometimes the responsibility of raising other humans can feel a bit overwhelming.

Before we had kids (and let’s be honest, many times since) my wife and I joked about the responsibility of parenthood.

We discussed what a fun social experiment it could be to teach at least one of our children all the wrong things.

We could teach him that the color red is actually blue.

Thr wet stuff in the ocean is the sky and it’s not an ocean, it’s called a rose.

The scenarios went on and on.

I think we joked, in part because, come on, that’s hilarious. but we also joked because we were working through what a huge responsibility we were undertaking. This kid is going to be our responsibility. And there are no do overs.

That’s heavy.

We have been blessed with four wonderful sons and each day has its ups and downs. If we are honest sometimes every five minutes has tremendous ups and downs.

These boys have been given to us to take care of and raise into good men.

So my wife and I envest time and energy into them. We show them love.

And we mess up a lot.

For the children’s program at our church they work through the Orange curriculum. One big idea behind the orange curriculum uses marbles to show how much time as parents we have to invest in our children.

They take a jar of 936 marbles to demonstrate each week we have to influence our children from birth to the time they are 18.

It is pretty sobering to see how small 936 looks when they are just marbles in a jar, but it also brings hope.

If we have really messed up this week that’s only one marble. There are still 935 more.

Being a parent is a big responsibility. It can be scary, but there’s room for grace.

Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.

Kids thrive when they know they are loved. They soar when they know an adult cares for them.

Some kids do not have that kind of support at home which means others may need to step in. There are so many places for you to step up and be the caring adult in the life of a child.

After school programs, being a teacher, church, camps, foster care programs, and more.

Whether you have children of your own or not I would encourage you to seek out an opportunity to be a source of support to a child.

We have enough kids growing up making bad decisions which are destroying their lives. In the process it also tears apart a society. Kids are not learning how to be a value in society because they are growing up believing they have no value.

But we can put an end to this epidemic.

Seek out opportunities to invest in a child both for their future and for yours.