List of Thankfulness Part 2: My Kiddos

“You have four kids?” The question always carries a tone of disbelief.

Then I get to answer in my best Phineas and Ferb impression, “Why yes. Yes I do.”


It is always humorous to me to watch people’s reactions when they discover I have four children. I guess since I look so young (some may refer to me as childlike) it is difficult to believe I have four.

After people get passed the initial shock of me having “so many” kids I often hear words of remorse.

“Wow, I’m sorry.” That’s an actual phrase which was uttered by a customer of mine in reference to my preexisting condition of children.

“I could never do what you do.”

“Boys huh? I’m sorry.”

I get the priveledge of hearing people offer words of sondolence to me all day long.

Another situation I get to listen play out is fathers talking about how they don’t want to go home. It appears at times it pains men to go home and spend time with their little ones.

Look, I understand it is good and healthy for parents to spend time away from their kids. I just posted recently about having a date night. We need time away. That’s not the problem.

What I do not understand is why having kids seems to come with so much sorrow. I look forward to my evenings at home and the weekends I get to spend with my family. They are among my favorite moments.

Today we are looking at a list for why I am thankful for my kids.

They make me laugh.

Each of my boys brings laughter to my life. Our one year old makes some amazing faces and his laughter is infectious.  The three year old catches me off guard with his outlandish comments. The five and seven year olds will quote lines from shows back and forth or incorporate them into everyday life and it is the best.

These kids bring amazing joy to my life. I would not laugh nearly as much if not for them.

Their love is pure

Each of these boys demonstrates a fierce love in a different way. One may be all about hugs and kisses. Another accepts and gives love through his words. With so many people in the house there are rarely times when I am not receiving love from someone and it is great!

Upon arriving home I have at least one kid rush up to me daily to greet me.

I am never lacking in cuddle time.

Each kid enjoys being cuddled. Obviously not all the time.

Sometimes I’m not feeling very cuddly but someone pops up to do it. In those moments I mentally have to remind myself they are not always going to want to cuddle.

it makes those moments that much better,

Then, when I want to cuddle someone is around to snuggle up and watch TV with.

They have a sense of adventure

From an obsession with American Nina Warrior, to climbing to the top of our porch, to pretending to be great heroes, these boys have an adventurous spirit and I love to watch it grow.

It fills me with excitement to imagine where that adventure will lead them in their own lives.

They make me into a better man.

Much like their mother does, these boys make me want to be better.

As they grow, I know I am one of the first men they will be looking to in order to see what it means to be a good man. It fills me with a bit of fear, but also a drive to be better.

I want to be someone they can be proud to call their dad and I want to be someone they can look to and say, “I want to be like him.”

Because of their little eyes, I am always striving to be better.

It is not easy being a dad to four boys so young, but I cannot imagine my life without them and I would have it no other way.

Thank you boys, for allowing me to try this parenting them out on you.

Excuse me, it’s bedtime which means I’m getting to read some Star Wars to some awesome kids.