Look for the Good in Life and Be the Good for Others

It seems like everyday I see or hear about a terrible evil happening somewhere in the world.

It can be so overwhelming knowing about all the bad going on at any given moment.


During our weekly small group a couple weeks ago, we talked briefly about giving up one form or media during the coming week. The idea behind the action was media in all its forms tends to promote and push negativity.

Crimes grab the attention of the consumer a lot quicker than heartwarming stories. Because the media is not just into getting out stories, but also making money, they will push and promote the thing which will help them to that end the most.

Negative stories.

We are told stories to illustrate it is a terrible world in which we live. Story after story of the same evils fill our screens and papers. It’s enough to make a person numb.

That’s actually the reason my wife and I stopped watching the news several years ago. We began to realize we had heard so much about death, hatred, violence, rape, and everything else which sells that we had begun to find ourselves emotionally detached.

Oh look, another kid was senselessly murdered.

Hmm, more rape happening. What’s for dinner?

Alright, it never got that far, but the stories were not pulling on our heartstrings as they should.

As Christians we believe each person was made in the image of God. He loves every single person on the planet. When we hurt, so does He.

Should we not also hurt for those who are hurting?

But what can one person do? Even if I spent my entire life trying to right wrongs I would never be able to compensate for all of the evil.

The evil will beat me out every time.

So I guess I should just sit back and do nothing then huh?

Not at all!

It is true that as one person I cannot change the entire world on my own. But as one person I can change SOMEONE’S entire world.

I have the responsibility and preivelege of being a light in someone’s dark world.


Use Your Words

It can be as simple as offering an encouraging word. I am not always the greatest at reading social cues. I cannot always see when someone is in a bad mood or having a bad day, but I can offer encouragement to everyone regardless of their current mood.

At work I can let others know they are doing a great job (and offer a specific example).

At home I can lift up my wife letting her know I love and appreciate her.

I should be encouraging my children.

The list goes on.

Actions Support Our Words

Another way we can be a light is through actions.

With the holidays coming up there are organizations which are in a rush to meet quotas so they can help others.

Find items local food pantries need and donate.

Spend time putting together shoeboxes for Opperation Christmas Child.

See if the community has a list of families which need help with finances this time of year and donate.

Obviously we should not just be seeking out opportunities during this time of year, but since this is the time of year we are currently in then let’s start there.

Find a cause.

There are so many great causes out there to get behind. Whether is helping put an end to sex trafficking, assisting single moms, getting food to the hungry, helping in the foster system, or so many others, we can all find a cause to get behind.

My actions alone will not stop the evil, but if we all work together and focus on the positive we can make a change.

How can you make a change this week to focus on the positive? What can you do to bring light to someone’s life?