Even Pharoah Doesn’t Always Get What He Wants

The audacity of some people surprise me.

Here I am Pharoah of Egypt, ruler of this great country. I have everything a man could possibly want.


What an interesting concept: “wanting.”

Typically I am never left in that state very long. I like to think of my wants more of commands. If there is something I see and want it, that thing is then mine.

A continued state of wanting is left for those of a common birth.

All I see in the land of Egypt is mine for the taking.

Which is why I never thought anything about taking the beauty which was Sarai.

I knew nothing of her coming into my land. Many people travel to and from this beautiful land, and who can blame them. I am surprised the entire world does not move to be under my command.

The land is fertile and beautiful. It provides for my people in the way I command it.

Anyway, Sarai, Abram, and their possessions came into Egypt randomly one day. I am still unsure of their plans but my men began to praise the woman to me.

They told me of her captivating beauty and her sweet gracefulness. When she left my men’s presence they were left in wanting.

I had to have this woman as my own. She would come alongside me and if all went well she would become my favored bride.

When I first laid eyes on her I knew I would never let her go. Abram introduced her as his sister, that arrogant beast of a man. All the things my men had told me of Sarai were true so she came into my home.

It felt odd, the departure of Abram and Sarai as she grasped his hand until they reach was extended to the max. But I was too enthralled with her to be concerned with the parting of siblings.

I gave the man many gifts which would appease any man of his standing. But for the woman I granted any of the treasures of my kingdom.

It was true what my men had said. Whenever I had to leave her presence I only thought of when I could see her again.

Then the plagues began.

Sickness and death spread quickly throughout my palace. The only one not affected was Sarai. I called her to my bedside to explain what curse she had placed on us.

With tears streaming my face, I asked her why this was happening.

“Great Pharaoh, it is not of my doing, it is of God’s.” Her words caught me off guard.

Even as her voice spoke of treachery, it still sounded as music to my ears.

“Abram is my husband. He had me lie so you would spare his life.”

Even in my weakened state I felt the urge to kill the man right then and there. It was only by the sweet words of the beauty beside me and her hand on my hand that Abram’s was spared.

I made them all leave. I sent them from not only my presence but from my land.

It pained me to see Sarai go. But I would have no other great power working against me in my kingdom. There is no god but Pharaoh here and I will not have that undermined.

It was not easy sending her away, but the object of my desire would have undone all of my greatness, and I would not have that.

I hope the man Abram either dies a dishonoring death or he becomes a more dignified man for his own sake.

And for the sake of the great blessing he has in his wife.