It’s Okay to Not “Feel” the Music During Service

I’m pretty sure the love of music is universal. There may be different musical tastes but I would say there are very few people who would say they hate music in any of its forms.

I have always enjoyed listening to or playing music. One thing I have rarely enjoyed though is going to a concert. I do not really care to watch a band perform music that I can just listen to on the radio. I’m not real sure what the appeal is to actually going to a concert.


That being said, I have enjoyed the few Relient K concerts I’ve attended. Recently, I also attended an orchestra which I thouroughly enjoyed.

I was actually moved to tears during the first song.

Music has a way of taking what we feel and expressing those feelings when we are finding it difficult to do so. Listening to the right song at the right moment can be quite liberating.

Music has become a large part of our church services as well. I believe the allure to it is it gives the congregation a way to express in words the wonders of God and to thank Him in a new way.

People often refer to how moved by God they have been during a church service. I probably hear more about how moving and powerful certain songs are than I do the preaching.

But in thinking back on my life I can only think of really being “moved by the Spirit” a couple times during a service.

Its an odd realization. During the music portions of our services I find myself trying to listen to the different parts being played.

I listen for certain beats being performed by the drums. I listen to see if I can hear the bass line or the guitar parts. I like to tune my ear to the different vocal parts.

I also find myself evaluating the words of the songs. Do they make any sense? Are they based in Scripture or are they more emotionally driven? What is the point of the song? Is the focus on God? Jesus? My own personal perceptions?

I guess some people may feel I’m over evaluating. But I have come to the conclusion over my short 29 years this may be the way God has designed me.

I tend to not get caught up emotionally in the music in our services. I break them down. I still find beauty in them, but I rarely feel extra close to God as a result.

No more than I do listening to any song on the radio which reflects my current place in life.

I used to think it was a problem. I felt like I was not as spiritual if I did not feel the Spirit moving every time a beautiful guitar solo swept through the hall where a musical worship was happening.

But I’ve met others who “feel” the same way I do. There are others who evaluate and come from more logic and less feeling.

Its cool to know there are others in life who may not leap for joy at the idea of an all music worship service.

You know what I would leap at? An all sermon service. Or a sixty minute lecture. How cool would that be?

It’s alright if you absolutely love music and feel the presence of God at every Christ centered song.

It’s also okay if you just aren’t feeling it ever.

Just know God is present and working. Keep following him. One day we will be standing in His presence and then we will all be swept away,

What is your favorite part of a worship service? What do you look forward to the most?