Abraham’s Hauty Calling: Lot’s Account

Uncle Abraham has always thought highly of himself.


I think it comes with being a firstborn son. As the firstborn you get a higher portion of the inheritance. You receive a higher blessing. Plus, you get to practice being more important on your younger siblings.

He’s had a lot pushing him in the direction of feeling a little too high and mighty; not that he has put up a fight.

See, I do not have any younger siblings. I, Lot, am an only child. Being an only child is way different than being the oldest child.

So don’t go trying to pin any of this, “thinks highly of himself,” stuff back on me.

This is about my uncle, not me.

My grandfather, Terah, was always treating Abraham like the favorite. Even after I came along, Abraham was still the favored one.

Maybe that’s what finally killed father, a broken heart.

So I moved in and traveled with grandfather and my uncle. We had a good thing going.

Then grandfather died as well.

This is when my uncle got really high and mighty. He hid it for a little while and then, one day, it all came crashing down.

Abraham came rushing home and started rattling on to my Aunt about how God had spoken to him. God had called him and was going to lead him to a new land and make him into a great nation.

I am not sure if I was meant to hear all of this but I listened in anyway. Hey, this “call” of his was going to be affecting my life too.

Seriously though, how full of himself is this guy? Grandfather had plenty of gods he sold in his shop. He even had a household god in the home. But Abraham started claiming this God was different than all the rest.

This God was above all the other gods. He was so far above in fact, that He was considered the only real God.

Really? There is only one God and He chose to talk to you? Out of everyone on earth, he found favor with you and decided to reveal himself to you?

How conceited! How arrogant!

What is so special about him? He doesn’t even have any kids! How is this guy going to be a great nation? If he thinks he can count my future kids in on this inheritance he has another thing coming.

So, it looks like he will be heading off soon to follow his great and important calling. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

But I am definitely going with him.

I just have to see how all this plays out. I know it may not be proper but I want to be there when the realization kicks in that it was not the call of this God that sent him on his way but just some bad meat he ate or something.

Plus, when Abraham dies with no children of his own, he will bless me for being such a loyal follower.

“Lot, you’ve been just like the son I’ve never had.” I can just see it now.

He can forget me calling him “Father Abraham” though.

All of grandfather’s stuff, along with all of my uncle’s stuff will be mine.

I have a feeling I know who is going to be the blessed one in all this.

Blessed will be Lot. And it will all be thanks to Uncle Abrahams hallucinations and dreams of grandeur.