Children: Sweet and Unpredictable


It is amazing to think about the power in an infant’s hand. We are enamoured by this tiny human from the first time we meet. We almost instinctively begin trying to get his hand wrapped around our finger.

Such a small hand, and that tiny grasp can leave us feeling so loved.


One of the most heart-warming moments of being a parent is cuddling with your child as he reaches up to place his hand on your cheek.

I remember several moments like this with each of my four sons.

It has happened while holding them as tears have streamed down their faces.

Perhaps a stomach ache was plaguing this tiny human and he could not wrap his mind around why his body hated him (much the same feeling any of us gets after eating mcdonalds).

We sway and bounce together as I whisper in his ear things like,

I love you so much buddy.

Daddy is here. It’s all going to be okay.

Please stop screaming. I have a headache.

It’s a good thing we have DVR so I’m not missing How I Met Your Mother.

You know, sweet words of encouragement.

Anyway, as he calms down and begins to open his eyes again, realizing there is a world around him outside of his upset stomach he looks into my eyes with the most precious eyes I have ever met.

Out of those eyes pour love and trust. In them I can see this boy has no desire stronger than to be laying in my arms as the moments tick by. Then, he reaches up with his precious little hand and rests it on my cheek.

The moment is now complete.

In that moment it no longer matters what has happened during the day. All that matters is the love I have for my family and this little boy and his love for me, his father.

One day, my oldest son and I were having one of these moments.

It was nap time and he had recently moved from his crib to a toddler bed. My wife and I would spend time laying down in bed with him to help him to fall asleep (aka to keep him from getting up and running around the room).

So he and I were laying there, almost forehead to forehead and he was looking at me with his blue eyes and long lashes (the kid has crazy long lashes).

I needed to head back to work but at the time I didn’t care. I was going to lay there until he fell asleep.

Then he placed his hand on my cheek as he looked into my eyes and rubbed his hand along my cheek bone.

It was one of the cutest things ever and easily a top memory I have with my oldest son.

He ran his tiny fingers along my nose, up into my hair and down to my cheek again.

Then, out of nowhere, he shoved his pointer finger straight up my nose.

I do not mean he did it slowly.

One moment he seemed to be nodding off, running his fingers along my face, and the next his finger was two knuckles deep in my nose. I yanked my head back and pulled his finger from my nostril.

In that moment I felt something else…blood.

My son, my eldest boy, had just given my a bloddy nose.

It all happened so fast I couldn’t believe what had happened. After I stopped the bleeding and my wife stopped laughing at the story I went back to work.

Children can be incredibly sweet, and those moments are precious.That being said, they are also surprisingly unpredictable.

Watch yourselves.

What surprising or unexpected thing has your child done? What’s a sweet moment you have shared?