3 Things We Need to do When Working Toward our Goals

Writing does not come natural to me.

I wish that it did. I wish that I could be sitting down just about anywhere jotting away every thought that pops into my mind. I imagine if that were the case I’d complete my writing sessions (which would last for hours) to find pages of complete and perfect thoughts.


Unfortunately, it does not work the way I’d like.

For me, in order to write, I need to be fairly free of distractions. Currently I’m typing on an electronic devise which brings plenty of distraction of its own:



Vidoes of Kids wrecking skateboards.

I know I may not always be able to remove all time wasters or attention stealers, but I need to set myself up for success.

This means I cannot sit down to write in a room where the TV is on. My wife can be watching a show in which I have completely no interest (examples: Hoarders, Intervention, Leah Remini’s show Scientology and the Aftermath, or Fuller House. At least one of those is a lie), but if I’m trying to write these shows become the most interesting shows in the world.

Remove Distractions

I have to remove myself from the room where the distractions are. Writing is important to me and I want to invest time and energy into it. This means I sacrifice TV time and finding out which crazy thing Kimmy and Fernando are up to now (not that I care).

It means I write when the kids are laying down for nap or at bedtime. It’s frustrating being in the middle of a thought only to be bombarded with questions about snack time. I love my kids and I want to answer their questions, so I wait to write when they are not around.

For you it may be something different. Whatever your goal may be you need to set yourself up to success.


When talking about giving up TV time it sounds silly to even call it a sacrifice when I realize the momentum I have in working toward my goal, but it is a sacrifice. When I mention choosing to write when the kids are not around it is a sacrifice. It means I am not writing for a couple hours in the middle of the day.

In order to invest time into one thing, we must take time away from something else. Just because we have chosen a new goal to add to our lives does not make more than 24 hours pop up in the day.

Choose what it is you want to sacrifice. Then stick to it.

In another post I mentioned I do not really like change. So when I’m trying to gain momentum in a goal it is not easy to make the adjustment but I have decided the payoff will be worth it.


Write down your goal. Then write down why it is you want to meet that goal. It will help in the middle of the process when the goal suddenly seems silly or you begin to question its worth.

Having your why written is essential to help you pushing forward. It will help push out the dostractions that try to creep in and keep you from pushing forward.

The process is never easy. Sometimes we get the idea in our heads that if there is resistance then the goal must not be what we are meant to do.

That is down right not true.

Often goals which are worth it are very difficult. Push the distractions away. Be willing to keep making the sacrifice. And remember your why.


What goals have you set for yourself? What sacrifices are you making to reach your goals?