Noah’s Wife Tells of Life on the Boat

Dry land.

You cannot possibly know the level of my excitement when we were finally told to exit the boat onto dry land.

We were no longer afloat.

We were not exiting the boat to wade.

All of the rain which had flooded our world was gone.


Life on the boat had as many highs and lows as the wakes we hit along the way. At first we were devastated. All that we had ever known was now gone.

Everything green was quickly washed away by the rolling and crashing waves. No more grass. No more trees.

No more people.

We had never been close with anyone else. Nobody understood our devotion to do what pleases God instead of just what pleases ourselves. Still, it was heart wrenching to think nobody we had ever known had survived.

Some of those people were my children’s ages. I still cannot imagine what their final moments were like. It still  sends a cold chill down my spine.

After a while, though, excitement set in. We were the only ones alive and we were living on a boat!

We each had daily chores, tending to the animals and making sure there were no leaks in the boat. It kept everyone really busy and occupied. Or, at least at first it did.

It is true that sons will always hold a special place in their mother’s heart. It has always warmed my heart to have my boys running back for my help or advice even after they had grown.

My boys.

It is also true that brothers will torment each other no matter their age.

Can you imagine, having three men, who are now one hundred years old, bickering while doing chores.

“Mom, Shem won’t let me feed the lions the way I know how. He says I’m doing it wrong.”

“Why does Japheth follow me around? Mom he’s driving me crazy.”

“Mother, Ham is threatening to throw the monkeys overboard!”


One hundred years old and still fighting like they would as they ran around my ankles….over and over again.

But then, in other moments I would see them tend to their wives. They would jump at the call of their names when assistance was needed. Never questioning or grumbling. That’s their father in them. They would stroll hand in hand with their wives as they walked down the line of wild beasts, talking about their futures off the boat.

My boys.

They are still so young. I pray everyday they keep seeking God even as we start over. Far be it from us to start the world down a path leading to another moment like this.

Another world destroyed.

The hardships and wonders of life on the boat were in the past. The sun was shining, and it really felt like it was the start of a brand new era.

Noah and I stepped off the boat side by side. I had squeezed his hand tightly as we descended into what felt like a brand new world. I had butterflies in my stomach. It almost felt like our very first date all those years ago.

I felt my cheeks warm as I blushed at such childish feelings. But I could not hide my giddiness as my family made their way onto the ground below.

We were followed closely by all of the animals.

Even after the struggle and stress it was to care for them it warmed my heart to see them just as excited as we were to be landlocked again.

They frolicked and bounded. They howled with joy and rolled around on the soft earth.

Noah led us in worship of our Almighty God and created an altar and made the proper sacrifices. It was good to be able to do this again.

It was a perfect start to our new life.

Then God spoke, promising never to destroy the world by flood again and He placed what He called a rainbow in the sky.

Words cannot express how beautiful it was. The colors were so vibrant, and the light danced around the bow in ways I had never seen colors move.

I’ve seen other rainbows since, but each seems only a shadow of the first.

God is good. I continue to thank Him for my family. My sweet, boys and godly husband. I just pray we do not mess up this new chance.

Now I wonder where Noah has gone with that wine.