You Win Some You Lose Some.

I’m not sure if you have caught onto this yet, but my life is completely packed full of parenting wins.

Long gone are the days of amateur parenting and the door has been opened to a life full of obedient children.

They are so obedient, not because of fear or bribery, but because of their great love and adoration for their wonderful parents.


Back to Reality

Our family recently went on vacation. We had a really great time visiting with family and had a lot of really fun experiences.

One thing my wife and I are always concerned about when going on trips is sleeping time (including naps and bedtime).

Three out of our four kids still take a nap during the day and if they do not get said naps they are incredibly difficult and cranky in the later afternoon.

Bedtime can also prove to be a struggle while on vacation because we are in a new place and excitement is running high.

Vacationing Magic

Surprisingly, naps and bedtime went amazingly well. A few days the boys had to nap in the car but they fell asleep easily and took fairly decent naps.

Each night when we put them to bed they also fell asleep quickly. We were not putting them to bed any later than normal, yet they were falling asleep much faster than usual.

Normally at bedtime it is a struggle to keep the middle two in their own beds and quiet. They climb in each other’s beds or try to see how quickly they can exit their rooms. I’m not sure if they think they are practicing for one of those Escapse Rooms or what.

All I know is I am repeatedly getting up off the couch to take kids back to their beds.

All I want to do is curl up and breeze through the universe with Captain Picard or spend the night diagnosing with Doctor Shaun Murphy.

While on vacation though we would talk about our favorite parts of the day, say our prayers and within ten minutes they were all asleep.

It was enough to bring tears to my weary eyes.

Not in Kansas Anymore

Imagine my surprise when after our first full day at home the battle of bedtime began again.

What had changed?

They had all done so well.

Its not like we lock them in a tiny room to not let them expel any energy throughout the day (despite what we may feel like doing on particularly difficult days).

It has been a couple weeks back and every single night we have gone back to struggling to keep the tiny humans in their beds.

I’m not sure what to attribute the success to while we were in vacation.

Maybe kids sleep better in Kansas. If that is the case we may be moving, sorry to our family and friends.

Maybe there was some deep magic happening. If that’s the case can someone please teach me how to perform it?

Whatever it was it is long gone.

Looks like I need to wrap up this post. I hear tiny feet running around and they need some encouragement to find their beds again.

What are some daily parenting “wins” you celebrate?