Choose to be Better

There has been a lot of devestating news making headlines recently. Harvey and Irma have hit and left their terrible mark in the south. Those two storms dominated much of my feeds as of lately.

As they should. They were terrible storms and so many people are still feeling the hurt of them.

There was another story I happened to just hear in passing though and it broke my heart.


There was a student in a high school in Washington who came in with a gun and killed one classmate and injured three others.

Yet another school shooting.

The child (he is only 15) says he did what he did because he was tired of being bullied and wanted to teach the school a lesson.

What the kid did was not okay. He took the life of another. There is a family out there grieving a boy they will never get to see grow up.

That’s heartbreaking.

That being said, the actions against the kid are also not okay. I’m not sure what actions or words were used but it was harsh enough for this boy to bring two guns to school in order to do some, “teaching.”

Rise up

We, as a people, need to be better than this. We need to be better than name calling and violence.

Often we aren’t though. We chastise those with whom we do not agree. We belittle the opinions of others with no reguard for how our words are packaged.

We cry out that bullying is not okay, but with those same lips we tear apart political figures, athletes, movie stars, and presidential children. We use the excuse, “well if they can’t handle it then they should get out of the spotlight.” It’s like saying that somehow makes us dehumanizing another person okay.

It’s not.

All it does is leave an example for the more impressionable people (children) to follow. Kids often do not make the same distinctions that we do. They see us acting one way towards a person and learn it may be alright to act that way towards everyone.

Christmas Trees Are Off Limits

In our home we have a strict rule about the Christmas tree. It’s off limits. After it is up and decorated there is no touching,

One reason we did this was because we knew we would be going to other people’s houses (people without small children) who may put breakable ornaments toward the bottom of their trees (how silly). We did not want our kids to be used to touching the tree and have this result in breaking the ornaments of someone else.

We heard the argument, “oh well they can touch MY tree. I won’t be mean.” But my wife and I stood our ground knowing our two year old boy would not make the distinction between one persons tree and another’s. “If I can touch this one, I can touch them all.” It was not a battle we wanted to fight.

They are watching

Kids are learning from us. Which means we need to be better. I understand that being an adult is scary and many of us have come to realize that just because we have turned a certain age does not me pan we now have the answers of life. Somewhere along the way we were convinced this would happen but it never does.

Just because many days I don’t feel, “grown up,” does not give me the excuse to not act it.

We need to be treating other people with respect. Stop picking on people. Don’t call them names.

Just because you disagree with someone’s opinion does not make them less than human and we need to stop acting like it does.

When we do, when we believe someone is less than human, bad things follow, and people die.

It starts with adults, and trickles all the way down. It is your responsibility to be a light to the following generation whether you want to be or not.

It is your responsibility to show them the best humanity has to offer whether you have kids or not.

Make the choice to treat others with respect.

Don’t we have enough to worry about with Mother Nature trying to kill us? We don’t need to be turning on each other.