A Walk in the Garden

Life is great.

Life. What a fantastic word! It rolls off the tongue (which is in itself a fantastic sensation. Oh, sensation. Feel those S’s slip over the tongue and through the teeth.



This is all brand new. I’m brand new. I’m…what did He call me?

Adam! I’m Adam.


I cannot believe I am the first to be experiencing (oh more   S’s! Wait, maybe it only sounds and feels as an S does. Maybe it’s a different letter. I’ll figure it out later.) all of this.

The sky. Oh, the sky.

So deep. It fills me with such joy I want to leap!

(Rhymes! Wow what a word adventure I’m having.)

If I could I would leap above the trees into that beautiful sky and swim above the earth. Perhaps one day I will be able to fly up there and take in the sights from above.

For now though, I’m earth bound.

Every step is a new adventure. Moss under my feel is cool and soft. It’s a comfort to me. I enjoy standing on the moss in the shade of my favorite tree. I dig in my heals and wiggle my toes into it.

Then there are leaves. Most are still in the trees, giant, green trees, towering high into the skyline. Some leaves fall however and feel simply delightful under foot.

The older ones tend to crunch, splintering across the skin on the bottom of my feet as I make my way forward. The fresh leaves are soft though and if I pay close attention I can feel even the veins of the leaves in the low arches of my feet.

Have I mentioned the wind? There is hardly a sensation comparable. Always a gentle breeze blowing through the garden.

It rustles the trees. The smaller ones shake greatly. The mightier trees gently sway, rocking back and forth. The leaves rustle and wake as the great plants dance in the breeze.

It encompasses my body. My hair is tossed this way and that. The breeze brings smells from far off straight to my nose.

I can smell the sweet aroma of a field of flowers. It is a swirl of scents which all pair perfectly with each other.

I also smell my friends, the animals. They each have a distinct smell and I can sense where they are in relation to my position.

Closing my eyes I stand there in the clearing and let the sun warm my face as the wind greats me with the smells of the world.

The air is always clear which allows sounds to travel miles upon miles. Howls, chirps, and squeals are always present and it makes me feel at home.

Home. What a comfort to be home.

Yet, there is something missing. I’ve never brought it up to Him because I don’t want to seem ungrateful. This world He has made is perfect.

I just wish, I wish…

I want someone to share in all these experiences. I can’t believe I allow myself to even think this way.

Each animal has its wonders. I enjoy sharing in different parts of the world with each of them. But none of them are really like me.

And He is great. I literally get to be in His presence and it is absolutely perfect.

I’m not sure why I’m left feeling in want, yet here I am, wishing for one more thing. I desire a companion, one who is like me.

Someone to talk with, someone to walk through the fields and forest with. I want to laugh with someone and share in the wonders of S’s!

In my beautiful and perfect existence, I’d say that is my only desire left unfulfilled. It’s alright though. I’ll be fine…*yawn*…without it.

I think I’ll head on…*yawn*…over to see what the lions are down.


Goodness, it’s he middle of the day. Why am I so tired? Maybe I’ll just lay here in this cool, soft moss and rest awhile.

I’m sure…I’ll feel…better when I…wake….


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